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Here's what people have to say about Carol's work:

Workshops Facilitated by Carol James

"The concepts you present . . . are solid tools that anyone can use to be a more efficient communicator. I have found myself "pivoting to a more positive" position several times as I become overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by changes. It is incredibly powerful." -- Linda Curry, Engineer & Toastmaster President

"I loved the compassion and interaction between the facilitator and the participants. -- Hanna Weaver, San Jose CA

"It was so informative to me and said to me, I am going in the right direction. I would attend anything Carol had to offer." -- Marlene Burrow

"What I liked most about this workshop was the acceptance of whatever we had to say and working with it." -- Audrey Ely

"I can easily take the information and apply it to my everyday life." -- Ron Wikstrom, Real Estate Broker

"What I liked best was the time that was taken for each person and their issues." -- David Garofoli, Sales Manager, San Francisco CA

"I really enjoyed the specific insight about how to pivot my focus and thinking." -- Cynthia Chang, San Jose CA

"What a caring facilitator. She was so positive and enthusiastic." -- Louana Davis

"I like concepts and ideas that tweak my awareness and this really does." -- Donna Lyons, M.Ed., Counselor

"Thanks to Carol’s simple but profound program, it provided not only an easy approach to practical decisions of daily living but also helped me to more fully understand how to access my own positive self in producing the life I want to live." -- Ande Herbert, Human Resource Director

"I felt totally free to explore myself. It feels great to know that I am equipped to create anything I want. The energy I’m now feeling will be a touchstone and power source for me forever." -- Sharon Churchill, Biologist

"Inspired Living education has engaged me in self-awareness experiences that have started me on a journey of personal and professional growth that is evolving into a holistic philosophy toward life." -- Donna Lyons, M.Ed., Counselor

"Carol is a very centered person who eased us into simple methods of reevaluating our thinking in all areas of life. For me, it is much like shaking up the little snow scene inside a bottle, allowing it to illuminate my being." -- Rosemary James, Homemaker

"Excellent class on self-motivation and positive living. . .Carol is very knowledgeable, an excellent speaker and very intuitive." -- Martin Haubert, Contractor

"I felt Carol knew her topic well and has lived what she instructs. . .She can relate well to her peers. . .I will obtain my goals now that I know how to achieve them." -- Donna Jeleniowski, Entrepreneur

"What we strive for in education is critical thinking skills - this class is a great example of that." -- Joanne Shute, Civil Engineer

Mentoring and Coaching

"Every time I am ready to transition to the next layer of my awakening, I always call Carol. She is very skilled at identifying where I am stuck and giving me the tools I need to break through my resistance and to resolve my issues." -- Kathleen Herting, Nurse, Pittsburg CA

"We got right to the point, and I was able to immediately apply what I learned directly to my life." -- Susan Fox, Healthcare Consultant

"I’ve learned more about life in the past few years from Carol than my whole life put together. She is the single most empowering relationship I have ever had." -- Ken Herbert, Entrepreneur, Hillsboro OR

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Inspired Lifestyles Newsletter

"Carol's Inspired Lifestyles newsletters are what I look out for in my mailbox. They are the starting point for self-examination and rethinking my life." -- Sharad, Bangalore India

"Just read the newsletter, splendid!!!! I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to thank you for putting all those thoughts together. Big smile" -- L.P.

"I found the newsletters to be of extreme help. By obtaining and sharing this information we learn more how to live happier lives and find peace within. Keep on with the good work!!!!" -- Sonia

"What I like most about the newsletters is the practical information that is written in easy-to-understand language. You are doing a wonderful service and I appreciate your efforts." -- H. Slemons

"I have received several editions of your Inspired Lifestyle Newsletter and would like to say that I think the one you sent out this Friday, March 5th was one of your best! Keep up the good work.:-)" -- Kala

"Hi Carol...excellent article by Mark on THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF GREAT LOVE RELATIONSHIPS. I am betrothen and about to get married...these commandments are sure to help me along the way. Keep the good work going."-- Kinshuk

"Thanks again for bringing such informative and funny articles to the public eye, I look forward to reading the articles and allowing a smile to rent space on my face. Keep doing the doggone thing!" -- James Owens

"You almost always amaze me with the articles in the newsletter; even about subjects that I considered mundane. My life is that much brighter because you and your staff are such compassionate, loving people. (I didn't feel like taxing my little pea-brain for more adjectives). Please, if all else fails, keep the issues of IL coming my way. I never leave an issue unread. Thank you so very much." -- Jerry James

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your newsletters. Sometimes, there is alot of confusion, but this newsletter especially helped to inspire me and help me to see things a little clearer. Thankyou!" -- Tabitha

"Carol...I look forward to your inspiring emails.., they are so heart warming and message that fulfills and helps me when I need to understand how to cope help one appreciate life and circumstances more...I am 78 and delight in reading and passing on your words of caring. and inspiration...Bless you and thanks." -- June

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