Employee Training:
Reducing Stress in the Workplace

Stress Is Killing Us!

"More than half of all deaths between the ages of 1 and 65 result
from stressful lifestyles." -- U.S. Center for Disease Control

Stress causes more deaths than smoking (Duke University Research, 1989).  Neutralizing stress is just as important as exercising or improving our diet, as far as our health is concerned. When stressors get the better of us, throwing us out of whack, our effectiveness is diminished, which causes many aspects of our life to suffer as a result.   For instance, we tend to:

  • Experience a decrease in our mental abilities.
  • Become more forgetful, make more mistakes and experience a drop in performance.
  • Act in haste, which reduces our ability to make good decisions.
  • Find it more difficult to solve problems and achieve our goals.
  • Have strained relationships with family, friends or co-workers.
  • Experience problems communicating or interacting with others, tending to get angry quicker or to be short-tempered.
  • Become prone to accidents and to injuring ourselves.
  • Get sick, fatigued, depressed or have serious health problems, which affects our performance at home and on the job.
  • Experience nervousness, ulcers, hypertension, migraines or insomnia.
  • Have decreased sexual desires or performance.
  • Become addicted to food, cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine or drugs as a way to handle the pressure.
  • Decrease our life expectancy due to the constant pressure of stress.

Up to now, the only answers to the stress problem were temporary stress-coping or stress management techniques. Now, with the innovative and comprehensive Reducing Stress in the Workplace training, you have a proactive solution to your stress problems. You can permanently remove the negative impact of stress.

Annually, over $800 million dollars are spent on "anti-anxiety pills."
The U.S. accounts for 5% of the world's population and consumes 33% of the pills. -- Neurogen

Why It's Important to Break the Stress Cycle

It is essential that you learn to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, so that you can break the stress cycle. This ensures that you know when to relax, to back off for a short period, to get more sleep or to implement stress reduction strategies. If you do not take symptoms of tiredness, upset, discontent or stress seriously, you may face ineffectiveness, failure, burn-out or breakdown.

As well as paying attention to your own stress levels, great value can be found by paying attention to the stress levels of people around you. If you are a manager wanting to improve productivity, then failing to monitor stress may mean that you drive employees into ineffectiveness, poor performance, depression or burn-out.

"The extent of our personal effectiveness is in direct relation to our ability
to effectively handle the many stressors that cross our path daily.
" -- Carol James

Course Contents

By participating in this practical and profound training program, you and your employees will learn:

  • What causes stress and how it interferes with your personal effectiveness, your health and your well-being.
  • 16 signs to watch for that indicate you are being ineffective
  • 11 symptoms of slipping out of the Flow Zone and into the Stress Zone.
  • Which stress triggers are messing up your life (includes the Measuring Your Life Stress Quotient self-inventory form).
  • The 14 most common mistakes people make in response to stress, which compounds the pressure.
  • The 3 most important things you must pay attention to if you want to eliminate stress.
  • 3 quick and easy techniques to instantly release the pressure of stress.
  • 23 techniques to immediately release the pressure caused by stress.
  • 21 of the most common stress experiences and how to transform them.
  • The 10 things you need to know in order to prevent future stress.
  • A revolutionary new Model of Personal Experience that will put you in the driver's seat of your life.
  • How to apply our unique 5-step formula to improve the quality of virtually every aspect of your life.

Unique Training Delivery and Support

Because our goal is to support people every step of the way until they achieve the desired results, our stress program includes the following components:

  • A unique combination of interactive and experiential on-site training and weekly lessons delivered via email. (Other delivery options are available).
  • A private email discussion list for the participants to share ideas with others in the class, elicit feedback and offer support. The course facilitator participates fully in all discussions.
  • Private coaching via email with the course facilitator for those needing extra attention (telephone coaching is extra).
  • Weekly 1-hour group conference via Instant Messenger or teleconferencing.

Course Benefits

Our interactive and activity-based Reducing Stress in the Workplace training empowers you and your employees to achieve:

  • Strengthened on-the-job performance due to greater self-confidence and focus.
  • More effective and beneficial mental and emotional states.
  • Fewer mistakes as a result of greater focus and concentration.
  • Enhanced ability to sustain the Flow Zone state.
  • Greater access to creative and problem solving states.
  • Increased understanding of others, which creates more fulfilling and rewarding relationships.
  • Rejuvenated health and new found reservoirs of energy and stamina, which means fewer sick days.
  • Greater competency and a higher confidence level.
  • A growing ability to be aware of and take advantage of new opportunities.
  • A happier, more effective and balanced life.
  • A rise in self-esteem as you feel better about yourself and your life.

As early as the 1940s, scientists were performing experiments that proved
that our body responds not to what actually happens,
but to what we think, perceive or believe to be happening.

Who Is the Audience for this Program?

Reducing Stress in the Workplace is a training program designed for anyone who wants to better understand how stress happens and how to effectively reduce its negative impact.  

How this is different from other training programs.

Most stress management programs rely primarily on quick fix techniques designed to treat the symptoms of stress, and although the symptoms may go away temporarily, they will return just as soon as another stressful situation comes along.  This is because most stress reduction techniques fail to address the source of the problem. Treating only the symptoms is like pulling weeds without pulling out their roots. Those same weeds will keep on growing back. Our program goes straight to the heart of the matter, exploring the very source of stress and how to reduce its impact and often even prevent it from happening in the future.

The philosophical approach that influences this work grew from nearly 20 years of Carol James' (course developer and facilitator) ongoing research, studies and direct experiences exploring emotional intelligence, human potential, personal effectiveness, conflict resolution and stress management and 15 years of business development, career development, lifestyle repatterning and stress reduction coaching. Her powerful book, Transformative Thinking, evolved from this work. [Success Stories   [Testimonials]

"Job related stress creates problems at home, which adds to job stress
and affects personal productivity." -- National Study of Changing Workforce

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