Grace Under Fire:
Balancing Security and Client Relations

An Interpersonal Skills Workshop for Security Officers


This 1-day workshop, customized specifically for Security Officers, will teach them how to:

  • Recognize potential stressful situations and communication hazards.
  • Sustain their focus and composure in the face of conflict.
  • Handle stressful encounters in a healthier way.
  • Be a better communicator.
  • Relate better to all people.
  • Achieve greater personal success.


Security Officers who interact with clients/customers.

Course Delivery

1-day interactive and experiential on-site workshop (roughly 7 hours)

Course Cost:

$2,600 for up to 40 employees (includes workbook), plus travel expenses. Company is to provide room, easel and pads, break refreshments and (optional) catered lunch. Add $600 for videotaping rights.

Workshop Content


  • Staying Focused On What’s Important: Client Relations
  • Making A Great First Impression
    • Polishing Your Image
    • Doing Your Personal Best
    • Approaching Your Job From The "Right" Attitude
    • Demonstrating Exceptional Client Relations Skills


  • What Causes Difficult Situations
    • Understanding the process by which people experience and respond to stress.
  • How To Quickly Diffuse Tension
    • Notice The Symptoms Of Stress
      • Emotional Symptoms
      • Physical Symptoms
      • Behavioral Symptoms
    • Pivot To A More Effective State
      • Using pivoting techniques to immediately diffuse tension.
      • Techniques To Relieve Tension & Stress
  • How To Create Win-Win Outcomes
    • Communicating More Effectively
      • Understanding the single most important factor in communication effectiveness and how it impacts results.
      • Discovering the five barriers to listening and how to overcome them.
      • Learning highly effective techniques to immediately improve communication effectiveness with anyone.
    • Resolving Challenging Situations - Note: the situations are customized for your unique environment and can include:
      • Expediting Lollygaggers During Check-In
      • Uplifting A Bad Attitude
      • Calming Stress-Out People
      • Appeasing Demanding People
      • Handling Big Egos
      • Resolving Parking Issues
      • Earning Trust
      • Building Respect

Skills Reinforced

  • Approachability
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Composure
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Decisiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Motivating Self
  • Reflective Listening
  • Stress Management
  • Telephone Etiquette

About the Workshop Developer & Facilitator

Carol James, Consultant, Educator and Speaker, has been designing, developing and leading workshops and training programs for a variety of personal and professional development subjects since the early seventies. The course material for this workshop comes from Carol's book, Transformative Thinking, which integrates emotional intelligence, personal effectiveness and stress management to help people be more effective in everything they do.

Carol’s Course Developer & Trainer Résumé and Participants’ Comments can be found at

To schedule this workshop or for more information, call me at (925) 363-9724 or reply to this email.


Carol James

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Participant Comments

"Perfect! An excellent,
five-star workshop."

-- Barbara House

"What I liked best is learning how to use tools to deal with people on another level."

-- Regina Hamilton

"[In this workshop] you don't just learn how to deal with difficult situations at work, but also in every day life."

-- Sgt. Darryl Lee

"I loved the interaction between [Carol] and the [participants]."

-- Neville Moguel

"A five-start workshop. [Carol] is an excellent speaker."

-- Maria Vidol

"What I liked best is that it provided an open forum for people to air their common grievances and receive sincere feedback to have more effective responses in subsequent situations."

-- Annette Rivas

"A five-star workshop. The information provided was excellent and [Carol] was very knowledgeable"

-- Norma Melchor

"Excellent! I really liked the one-on-one information in the class. A five-star workshop"

Lt. Phil Cochran

"Very good!!"

-- Will Ali

"This class reinforced all of the things I already knew and gave me a fresh perspective."

-- Patricia White

"What I liked best was how well [Carol] explained everything in detail."

-- Denice Harvey

"Very helpful on how to deal with people."

-- Wendell Brooks

"[Carol] was very nice and entertaining. I learned a lot."

-- Shakir Robertson

"What I liked most about this workshop is that it helped me to learn how to deal with my anger."

-- Marc Caudill