Customer Service Training
Grace Under Fire:
Compassionate Customer Service


This course teaches customer service employees how to sustain their balance, composure and sense of well-being in the face of conflict and to handle stressful customer service encounters in a healthier way.


Customer Service Representatives

Course Delivery

1-day onsite plus 6-week e-support

Course Content

  • Understanding the process by which people experience and respond to stress.
  • Recognizing the symptoms of stress in themselves and others.
  • Using pivoting techniques to immediately diffuse tension.
  • Understanding the single most important factor in communication effectiveness and how it impacts results.
  • Learning highly effective techniques to immediately improve communication effectiveness with anyone.

Skills Reinforced

  • Self-knowledge
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Listening
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Conflict Resolution

e-Support Program

Because the goal is to support your employees every step of the way until they achieve the desired results, this program includes a 6-week follow-up e-support program that includes:

  • A private email discussion list for the course participants to share ideas with others in the class, elicit feedback and offer support. The course facilitator participates fully in all discussions.
  • Private coaching via email with the course facilitator for those needing extra attention (telephone coaching is extra).

How This Is Different from Other Training Programs

The philosophical approach that influences this work grew from nearly 20 years of Carol James' (course developer and facilitator) ongoing research, studies and direct experiences exploring emotional intelligence, human potential, personal effectiveness, conflict resolution and stress management and 15 years of business development, career development, lifestyle repatterning and stress reduction coaching. Her powerful new book, Transformative Thinking, evolved from this work. [ Success Stories ]  [ Testimonials ]

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