Carol James
Workshop Developer and Facilitator

Experience History Resume and Testimonials

Carol has been designing, developing and leading workshops and training programs for a variety of subjects and industries since the mid-seventies. Her accomplishments include:

Sony Studios, California

Developed a 1-day workshop customized specifically for problems Security Officers encounter when checking in visitors to the studio. The program taught them how to:

  • Recognize potential stressful situations and communication hazards.
  • Sustain their focus and composure in the face of conflict.
  • Handle stressful encounters in a healthier way.
  • Be a better communicator.
  • Relate better to all people.
  • Achieve greater personal success.

Institute for Future Work Force Development, Flagstaff, Arizona

Designed, developed and facilitated a 3-day conference on Restarting Your Career, which enabled returning-to-the-workforce participants to build a profile of their talents, abilities and skills, identify career goals, build a resume and establish a plan to return to the workforce. Even participants who were hesitant to confront issues in their life engaged in the process and walked away with an achievable, well thought out plan.

Flagstaff Adult Education, Flagstaff, Arizona

Designed, developed and facilitated a variety of workshops for business, professional and personal development, including:

Starting a New Business. This unique "how-to" course provided entrepreneurs with the practical knowledge and skills needed to setup and run a successful business.

Building the Career of Your Dreams. This course, modified from the Restarting Your Career conference mentioned above, helped individuals to align themselves with their natural talents and abilities and to discover the career that best utilized those talents. [Building a Career from Your Heart]

A variety of 2½-hour lifestyle skills workshops designed to enhance personal and professional productivity and performance, including:

  • Achieving Goals Faster and More Easily
  • Making Wise Decisions
  • Communicating More Effectively
  • Breaking Through Creativity Blocks
  • Reprogramming Bad Habits
  • Knowing When to Say NO
  • Pivoting from Stress to Success

Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District, Pleasant Hill, California

Designed, developed and facilitated a business development workshop: Building a Successful Internet Business. This 2-part (8-hour) program taught small business owners everything they needed to know about setting up a web site, designing web pages, setting up an ecommerce solution and online and offline marketing of the web site.

Bank of America, San Francisco, California

Designed, developed and facilitated a 4-hour Manager Development Workshop: Enhancing Your Effectiveness As a Manager. This workshop taught managers how to bring out the best in people, while improving their attitude, morale and performance.

Toastmasters, Argonauts (Bank of America, Concord & San Francisco), Chiron, Mervyn's, Newark, Fountaingrove (Hewlett-Packard Rohnert Park and Agilent Santa Rosa)

Designed and delivered special 1-hour talks at various corporate and private Toastmasters, including: Enhancing Communication Effectiveness. This workshop taught the single most important factor in communication effectiveness and how it affects the results achieved as well as an innovative 5-step formula that immediately enhanced communication effectiveness. The course material was based on Carol's book, Transformative Thinking.

Unity & Science of Mind Churches, Concord, San Francisco, San Jose, Petaluma, Brentwood and Sacramento, CA

Spoke at Sunday service and designed, developed and facilitated a workshop that empowered people to handle stress more effectively and to achieve greater personal success. The course material was based on Carol's book, Transformative Thinking.

Systems Plus, Inc., Mountain View, California

Designed, developed and facilitated a monthly 4-day dealer training program throughout the United States for a publisher and distributor of the Medical Manager and Dental Manager software programs. Program included marketing, presenting, writing proposals, selling, closing, installing, training and supporting customers. As a result of this training program, the company dramatically increased the number of authorized dealers and sales increased from 10 to over 100 per month within the first year of the program.

Safeguard Business Systems

Because Carol had turned the worst territory (#20 out of 20) into the second highest territory within 1½ years, consistently earned sales awards for her outstanding performance and set sales record, she was selected to provide on-the-job sales training for all the sales reps in the company.

Software User Training, Roughly 150 Companies and Several Thousand Users

Skills Management System (1990 - 1999). Developed and facilitated a training program that taught software users how to customize the software, setup coding systems, convert data, implement among multiple departments, and use the software for job analysis, skills inventory and query, skills assessment, skill gap analysis, employee development, curriculum & certification management and training administration activities).

Medical Manager, Dental Manager and Accounting Plus (1985 - 1990). Trained users on how to customize the software, convert data and use the software for accounting, patient and insurance billing, records management and scheduling.

Physician's Management System and Dental Management System (1980 - 1985). Trained users on how to use the software to manage accounts receivables, patient and insurance billing, recall and scheduling.

Safeguard Dental Management (1977 - 1980). Trained users on how to use the software to manage accounts receivables, patient and insurance billing and recall.

Participants' Comments

"I felt totally free to explore myself. It feels great to know that I am equipped to create anything I want. The energy I’m now feeling will be a touchstone and power source for me forever." -- Sharon Churchill, Biologist

"I felt Carol knew her topic well and has lived what she instructs. . .She can relate well to her peers. . .I will obtain my goals now that I know how to achieve them."  -- Donna Jeleniowski, Entrepreneur

"The concepts you present . . . are solid tools that anyone can use to be a more efficient communicator. I have found myself "pivoting to a more positive" position several times as I become overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by changes. It is incredibly powerful." -- Linda Curry, Engineer

"I loved the compassion and interaction between the facilitator and participants." -- Hanna Weaver, San Jose CA

"It was so informative to me and said to me, I am going in the right direction. I would attend anything Carol had to offer." -- Marlene Burrow

"What I liked most about this workshop was the acceptance of whatever we had to say and working with it." -- Audrey Ely

"I can easily take the information and apply it to my everyday life." -- Ron Wikstrom, Real Estate Broker

"I like concepts and ideas that tweak my awareness and this really does." -- Donna Lyons, M.Ed., Counselor

"What we strive for in education is critical thinking skills - this class is a great example of that." -- Joanne Shute, Civil Engineer

"I specifically liked the insights about how to pivot my focus and thinking." -- Cynthia Chang

"What I liked most was the time that was taken for each person and their issues." -- David Garofoli, Sales Manager

"Carol is a very centered person who eased us into simple methods of reevaluating our thinking in all areas of life. For me, it is much like shaking up the little snow scene inside a bottle, allowing it to illuminate my being."  -- Rosemary James, Homemaker

"I learned tips that I can apply immediately to my life." -- Cynthia Flor, Ph.D.

"Thanks to Carol’s simple but profound program, it provided not only an easy approach to practical decisions of daily living but also helped me to more fully understand how to access my own positive self in producing the life I want to live." -- Ande Herbert, Human Resource Director


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