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Our mission is to inspire, encourage and support people and businesses as they learn to express the fullness of who they are in relation to themselves, others, business, community and our planet.


Through the activities and philosophies of this organization, we intend to inspire, encourage and nurture society to move toward a heart-based lifestyle, which treats people with dignity, respect and love, and which co-exists in harmony with the natural environment. People will come to know themselves more intimately and become more connected to their inner guidance and knowing. They will reconnect to the joy in life as they align their profession with their own inner purpose and dreams in ways that foster self-expression, creativity and personal responsibility in an atmosphere of joy, respect and freedom. People will connect with others in supportive, nurturing and collaborative ways, while honoring and appreciating diversity. This will contribute to the creation of self-empowered people, prosperous economies and thriving local and global businesses and communities that embrace a deeper appreciation for our planet and all life.

Company History

Carol James, Founder and Owner of InspiredLiving.comOwner Carol James started her first business, a computer dealership, in 1985 to provide business development consulting and computerized accounting services to small companies. This was a continuation and expansion of the work she had been doing since 1977, working as an employee for other companies.

In 1990, Carol shifted the business focus to HR consulting and education in the areas of retention, employee and manager development, skills development, skill gap analysis, knowledge management, career development, curriculum management and training administration, working with many MIS and IT departments in Fortune 1000 corporations.

In the summer of 1996, the idea for an online community began to emerge and the site was launched in May, 1997 and is still growing and going strong (see overview below).

Returning to her roots in small business development consulting in 1998, Carol brought together her extensive sales, marketing, customer attraction and retention, business development, accounting, e-commerce, e-marketing, talent management, stress reduction and human potential expertise to help small business owners start or expand their company in ways that retained their personal passion and focus and enabled them to collaborate with talented people who shared their vision, mission and values.

In September, 2002, Carol began selling health-promoting products and added an extensive health section to her web site, which has grown to over 800 pages of content, newsletters and products that promote greater health and cleaner, safer home environments: electromagnetic field (EMF) protection, air purifiers, water filters, salt-free water softeners, skin care, hair care, dental care, body care, cosmetics, makeup, pain relief, nutritional supplements, far infrared portable saunas and devices, Himalayan salt products and lamps and more. Carol's web venture quickly turned into a full-time enterprise, which feeds her passion to help people to become their highest vision of themselves.

Inspired Living focuses on bringing health and spirituality together and includes an extensive library of educational, informational, motivational and inspirational articles, stories, tidbits, inspired humor, resources, products and newsletters to help people embody their version of a healthier, inspired lifestyle:

Healthy Body - Articles, health tips, recipes, resources, products (Daily Nutrition, Energy Boosters, Joint, Bone and Colon Health, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, Relaxation and more.) and a newsletter to help you acquire what you need to improve your health, fitness and youthfulness regardless of your present health situation

Healthy Mind - Thought-provoking articles, stories, tidbits and resources to help you view life from an empowering perspective, including goal achievement, stress reduction and a fun page to help you relax.

Healthy Environment - Articles, resources and products that address a variety of environmental issues affecting health, including air and water pollution, asthma, allergies, mold, food contamination, etc.

Healthy Spirit - Inspirational, motivational, empowering and uplifting articles, stories, quotes, affirmations, tidbits, resources, chat list and a free biweekly newsletter.

Healthy Lifestyle - An extensive library of educational, motivational and inspirational articles, stories and tidbits to help you embody your version of an inspired lifestyle.

Healthy Home - Articles and products to help you detox your home and create a healthier environment in which to live.

Career Help - When you do what you love, you love what you do. Our Career Help section helps you to find your passion in life.

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