Carol James
Speaker and Workshop Topics

Whether presenting for large corporations, professional organizations or small community groups, Carol James delivers a powerful message that changes lives. By offering a keynote address, breakout session, workshops, retreat day, individual mentoring or extended training programs, Carol uses her expertise in human effectiveness and personal empowerment to lead people to discover their personal and professional best.

With a combination of humor, insights, powerful stories, thought-provoking concepts and strategies for success, along with interactive exchanges, Carol tailors every presentation to the specific needs of each group to offer the greatest value.

Business Development Topics

  • Enhancing Your Effectiveness as a Manager
  • Turning Your Company into a Customer Magnet
  • Building a Profitable Website
  • Upping Your Customer Service Game
  • Hiring the Right Team Players
  • Taming Stress in the Workplace
  • Creating a Healthier-living, Balanced Work Environment 

Life Skills for Personal and Professional Development

  • Achieving Goals Faster and More Easily
  • Making Wise Decisions
  • Communicating More Effectively
  • Breaking Through Creativity Blocks
  • Reprogramming Bad Habits
  • Knowing When to Say NO
  • Pivoting from Stress to Success 

Health and Wellness

  • Seven Secrets for Living a Healthier, Happier, Lighter Life
  • Green Up the Top 5 Issues Preventing Vibrant Health

Carol fuses her extensive 30-year entrepreneurial, consulting and small business experience with her in-depth knowledge of emotional intelligence, stress management, peak productivity and healthy living to deliver a powerful message that changes lives.

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If you would like to book Carol for a speaking engagement or workshop, want more information or to discuss other topics, please give her a call at 503-537-0636 (PST) or send her an email. Thank you!


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