Highlights of Carol James'
Skills Management and Consulting Projects

Lincoln National Reinsurance Cos, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Developed Job Requirement Profiles for all jobs in the IT Department. Facilitated incumbent meetings to identify tasks performed and the required attributes, skills and competency level required to perform the task. Wrote nearly 300 skill definitions, each including a general description and 4 competency definitions (novice, contributor, expert and teacher). Skills were written for these categories: relating, thinking, managing, project management, non-technical, technical, programming and technology. Developed job descriptions and hiring profiles using the job profile information. This information was used to identify skill gaps and training requirements, which allowed them to use their training dollars more wisely, to locate skill expertise for projects, which helped them make better use of their talent pool, and to define new hire criteria, which enabled better hiring choices.

Aerospace Corporation, Los Angeles, California

Designed, developed and piloted a software program to inventory the project work experiences of 4000 engineers and to match qualified engineers to upcoming projects. My program was then converted by their programmers into multi-platform delivery versions. The program enabled them to make better use of their talent pool by insuring that the "best" people were selected for each project.

Ford Motor Company, Cologne, Germany

Facilitated a 3-day strategic planning session to define the scope, objectives, expectations, success criteria and plan to implement a pilot talent management program. Conducted a 5-day feasibility study to analyze the appropriateness and usefulness of implementing the program, assess data conversion issues and establish guidelines for the pilot program. As a result of my consulting, they were better able to understand what it takes to implement a talent management program, which enabled them to be better prepared and to reduced the time and effort spent setting up the program.

Allstate Insurance, North Arlington Heights, Illinois

Participated as a consultant in a 5-day data and process modeling Joint Application Development (JAD) session to redesign Allstate's skill-based employee development and training administration system. My extensive experience implementing skills management, employee development, curriculum management and training administration programs for many large corporations led them to consider additional features and functions that would enhance their system and help them to accomplish their goals.

Syncrude Oil, Ft. McMurray Canada

Facilitated the installation and implementation of a skill-based employee development and training administration program for 20 departments. The project included facilitating a strategic planning session and workshops on database coding, job analysis, skills assessment, skill gap analysis, development planning, curriculum management and training administration. Led the project team through designing several major software enhancements. My expertise led to the coordination of differing needs of 20 diverse departments into a single software program and helped them strategize a smooth roll-out formula.

Fujitsu Network Transmission, Richardson, Texas

Installed, coordinated the implementation of and trained personnel on using a skill-based employee development and training administration program to prepare for and comply with an ISO 9000 audit. Program successfully complied with the employee development and training systems requirements of ISO 9000.

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