Dear Small Business Owner:

Do you want more customers?

Even better, do you want a steady stream of great customers who gladly toot their horn about how great your company is and what wonderful people work there and how happy they are with your products and service?

I help you align your business
to attract all the great customers you can handle.

My unique, well-rounded approach may be right for you if you are a small business owner who wants to accomplish any of these objectives:

  • Create greater visibility and credibility for your company.
  • Reshape your marketing into an expression of who you are (instead of just hype).
  • Make the whole marketing process easier and more effective by tapping into the power of the Laws of Customer Attraction.
  • Access the vastness of the Internet to attract customers.
  • Shorten the sales cycle and convert more prospects into customers.
  • Cultivate genuine enthusiasm for your product and company.
  • Work smarter, not harder.

I help you accomplish these objectives by providing the knowledge, skills and objectivity that helps you design and implement what you need to attract a continuous flow of happy, satisfied customers.

If you're serious about aligning your business with the Laws of Customer Attraction, take the next step and call for more information or to schedule a Special Introductory Consultation in which you will get a fresh perspective from someone who understands the psychology and art of attracting and keeping customers. We will discuss your current situation and look at what you need to move forward in a way that achieves your objectives, while staying true to your vision, purpose and organizational culture.

Begin the flow of customer abundance today. Call 503-537-0636 or send an email for more information or to schedule a Special Introductory Consultation.

All you’ve got to lose are new customers.


Carol James

[Business Resume]

Who Is Carol James?

Business development expert, Carol gained her expertise from 30 years of working for and with small businesses. Carol has been a small business owner since 1985. Her most successful venture to date is, which she launched in 1996.

Highlights of Carol's Accomplishments

  • As a sales rep early in her career, she turned the worst territory into the second largest territory within 1½ years, set sales records and consistently earned awards for outstanding performance.
  • Dramatically increased monthly sales from 10 to over 100, by designing and facilitating a Reseller Training Program that taught software resellers how to market, sell and support customers.
  • Built the top producing territory in the United States from scratch as the owner of a computer dealership.
  • Opened up new markets for several companies by recognizing opportunities for using the company’s products in different ways.
  • Significantly increased new patient flow by teaching practice building techniques to healthcare professionals.
  • Carol James, founder of Inspired Living and Inspired Business, has been a small business owner since 1985.


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