SandBlasting Reality: 4D Life Skills for Evolving Business Owners

Up Your Odds of Business Success

A SandBlasting RealityToolkit for Actual and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Owning your own business is a dream nearly everyone has, but the odds are against your success. About half of all employer establishments survive at least 5 years, and only a third survive 10 years or more, according to statistics published by the Small Business Administration.

Why such a high failure rate? Money is always at the core, and money problems are usually related to lack of sales, but the real reasons are far more obscure than that. Most people who start a new business lack the knowledge, talents, attitudes, insight and confidence needed to build and run a successful business, which leads to:

  • Muddy vision or an inability to see the bigger picture
  • Lack of resources (or the wrong resources)
  • Ineffective communication with customers, employees or vendors
  • Inadequate support systems or high employee turnover
  • Lack of self-awareness, introspection or critical thinking skills
  • Inability to manage the flow of money

These are all easily solvable problems once you have the right know-how, skills and tools to launch and run a successful small business.

Join Carol James for this 1-day workshop where you will:

  • Discover the 6 biggest mistakes business owners make and how to avoid them
  • Get 7 business-building tips that will up your odds of succeeding
  • Learn valuable skills that will serve you well in handling any issues or problems that may come up in your business or personal life
  • Uncover the number one determinant of whether your business will succeed or fail

Carol is an acclaimed workshop facilitator, award-winning salesperson, stellar customer service expert and a whiz at launching and running new business ventures. Her unfailing optimism and humor combined with her solid breadth of small business acumen make her a very dynamic workshop facilitator. With a combination of insight, powerful stories, thought-provoking concepts and strategies for success, she offers her “magic touch” to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners, passing along her experience, knowledge, wisdom and guidance.

You will leave this workshop with greater self-awareness and clarity of your true intentions and motivations for launching a new business, the values, attitudes and beliefs that will inform your hiring and other business decisions and a more substantial awareness of how to grow your business with less stress and more success. Life skills reinforced are critical thinking, decision making, enhanced productivity, communication effectiveness and using stress wisely.

Call 503-537-0636 to reserve your seat for this powerful, life-changing workshop!

$87 includes lunch + workbook | Class limited to 16 people

Bonus: One person will win a free 1-hour consultation with Carol.

Carol James, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Small Business ConsultantWho Is Carol James?

Business development expert, Carol gained her expertise from 30 years of working for and with small businesses. Carol has been a small business owner since 1985. Her most successful venture to date is, which she launched in 1996.

Highlights of Carol's Accomplishments

  • As a sales rep early in her career, she turned the worst territory into the second largest territory within 1½ years, set sales records and consistently earned awards for outstanding performance.
  • Dramatically increased monthly sales from 10 to over 100, by designing and facilitating a Reseller Training Program that taught software resellers how to market, sell and support customers.
  • Built the top producing territory in the United States from scratch as the owner of a computer dealership.
  • Opened up new markets for several companies by recognizing opportunities for using the company’s products in different ways.
  • Significantly increased new patient flow by teaching practice building techniques to healthcare professionals.
  • Carol James, founder of Inspired Living and SandBlasting Reality (TM) Business, has been a small business owner since 1985.

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